Two ND Teachers Are Going to National Conference

The North Dakota Jump$tart Coalition is pleased to announce that it is sending two North Dakota teachers to the second National Educator Conference conducted by the national Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy November 5-7, 2010 in Washington, DC. This conference is the only one of its type devoted entirely to personal finance education for PreK through High School. North Dakota Jump$tart is an affiliate of the national Coalition.

The conference supports the teaching of personal finance by:
  • Demonstrating financial education resources—in breakout sessions and the exhibit hall—that teachers could begin to use immediately.
  • Providing participants with personal development—financial education that they can use themselves.
  • Providing teachers with a nationwide network of colleagues.
  • Treating teachers as valued professionals and demonstrating industry support for classroom education.
  • Subsidizing the cost for teachers to attend the conference at a time when school budgets are stretched extremely thin.
Curtis Askvig, who teaches Problems of Democracy (POD), government, U.S. history and geography at Surrey High School, was one teacher selected in a random drawing of applicants to the ND Jump$tart Web site. “This conference will provide me with excellent materials to help teach my senior POD class the tools necessary to be financially successful in life,” explained Askvig in his application.
Celina Nelson teaches Business Education, which includes personal finance, consumer education, accounting and computer application, at New Town High School. She was the other applicant randomly selected to receive sponsorship from ND Jump$tart to attend the national conference. “I hope this conference will help me in developing an array of resources, strategies and supports for teaching financial literacy,” said Nelson. “I want my students to learn the importance of understanding why they need financial management skills for life.”
“We are proud to be able to offer this opportunity,” said ND Jump$tart President Wally Erhardt. “Over the past three years our Coaltion has worked hard to network with members and raise funds to have the ability to make a difference for North Dakotans of all ages in the realm of financial literacy. We believe that all North Dakotans deserve to have the fundamental knowledge necessary to make important decisions that affect their financial health, their families and their futures.”
North Dakota Jump$tart is a group of volunteers from various backgrounds banding together to help North Dakotans of all ages learn to make wise decisions with their money including saving, investing, credit and much more. Coalition members visit classrooms, present to civic groups, organize an informational conference for anyone who wants to learn more about money, and so much more. Members work together, pooling efforts and resources for the good of the state. To learn more, visit